5 Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

5 Myths About Orthodontic Treatment

Mar 14, 2019

Often people avoid visiting dental clinic because they fear getting treatment. People have common myths about dental treatment which they believe are truth. The facts are often different from myths and thus one must visit expert dentist for understanding the clear facts. Dentist at Ornella Orthodontics can answer all the questions.

  • It takes years to straighten teeth

Teeth straightening may involve process of moving teeth and jaw which may require less time as expected. Patient may enjoy straight teeth results in comparatively less time as expected. For this, it is essential that you chose expert dentist and advanced techniques of teeth straightening.

  • Only metal braces can straighten teeth

People often avoid taking teeth straightening because they think it is only possible with metal braces. Metal braces are visible which can disturb the overall look of the individual. For better appearance, patient may consult their dentist for invisalign and transparent aligners.

  • Only children and teenagers can get orthodontics

Many believe that only youngsters and kids may go for teeth straightening techniques but there is no particular age limit for getting orthodontics and teeth straightening treatment. One may consult expert dentist at Ornella Orthodontics to get better treatment at any age.

  • Braces only change your appearance

Braces are not only effective teeth straightening techniques but it is also used effectively for issues like overbite and improper space for teeth. Braces are not only used for appearance but it can also be used for maintaining oral health and hygiene.

  • I can straighten teeth safely without an orthodontist

People often believe that one can obtain straighten teeth right at home with home solutions but this is not true. None of the home remedies can actually contribute to teeth straightening. In case, patient wish to obtain better teeth straightening result, they must consult an expert dentist only. Safety with such treatment can only be ensured at a dental clinic.

Ornella Orthodontics has all required techniques and technology which could enhance the teeth straightening results. It is only under an expert, this is possible. Dentist can also answer your question and clear your myths associated with teeth whitening.