5 points for wearing mouth guard during sports

5 points for wearing mouth guard during sports

Apr 01, 2019

Playing and engaging in sports is a central piece of the American way of living. There are hobbyists, fan clubs, college athletes and even professional clubs playing everything from football to ice-hockey.

Now, although, sports are great for both your physique and psyche, they do pose a considerable risk to your teeth. Especially in sports where constant physical contact with players is common.

Hence, Ornella Orthodontics’ experts suggest that players should wear mouth guards during sports. Here are a few points to explain the rationale:

Protection Against Tooth Fractures

One of the most common form of injury, especially in college football, is a tooth fracture. Yes, there are helmets and rules for players’ protection. That said, you cannot accurately predict what can go wrong on the field.

Protection Against Tooth Replacement

Do you have a replaced tooth or a dental implant? In this case – it is of paramount importance for you to wear a mouth guard constantly during the sport. Natural teeth still have deep roots; implants can cause a ruckus if not protected properly during the sport.

Protection Against Soft Tissue Injuries

One of the most complex and slow-recovery injuries in the world of sports is the soft tissue injury. Fractures and displacements may cause a lot of pain, but they usually have a definite period of recovery. Soft tissue injuries can get very critical and that too at a very great speed. Hence, in order to avoid any possible soft tissue injuries, players should wear mouth guards consistently.

Protection Against Concussions

There are tens of men running through the field, padded with gear. Then there are the heavy helmets and the constant nose from the crowd. One bad encounter and a concussion will be round the corner! The last thing you would want in a smoothly going entertaining match is a concussion. Hence, think about your safety and your fans’ emotions, and wear a mouth guard.

Protection Against Jaw Fractures

Finally – the jaw fractures. Although, there are helmets, nothing is heavy impact proof. Thus, a player should wear a mouth guard to have an extra layer of protection on the field.