6 Benefits of Wearing A Nightguard You May Not Be Aware Of

6 Benefits of Wearing A Nightguard You May Not Be Aware Of

Sep 18, 2018

Nightguards are a cosmetic wonder in dentistry. They can protect our teeth from excessive force and even improve our breathing habits. Here are 6 benefits of wearing a nightguard near you that’ll make you consider integrating it into your sleep schedule.

Less Pain and Stress

Bruxism is a common issue in dental health care. It occurs from the excessive grinding of the teeth, and wearing a guard can reduce the pain and stress as a result of this sleeping disorder.

Improve Sleep Pattern

Wearing nightguards at night position the jawline bone and surrounding facial muscles in a way that relieves tension. You can be guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep by wearing a night guard.

Prevents Tooth Damage

Nightguards are made of a plastic film that prevents the teeth from coming into contact with one another. Teeth become worn down due to the constant friction in the mouth. This can hurt your smile, so wearing nightguards is the perfect solution.

Alleviates Headaches

Headaches are a common symptom of bruxism. Wearing a nightguard can significantly reduce the chance of experiencing this symptom. Nightguards will ensure that teeth grinding doesn’t further interfere with your sleep schedule through the reduction of symptoms associated with bruxism.

Prevents Snoring

Another symptom of bruxism to be aware of is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes snoring that can lead to suffocation if not dealt with promptly. Night guards make for easier breathing by allowing for a wider space between the jaws, increasing airflow.

Saves Money

Nightguards are a preventative measure for tooth damage. Wearing one can prevent years of dental complications such as decay, tooth damage and to an extent even root canals. Considering getting a nightguard if you are concerned about your dental health’s future. You will end up saving money in the long-run.

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