About Ornella Orthodontics

An imperfect smile can impact your life negatively. Crooked or damaged teeth can rob you of your confidence, but a beautifully aligned smile does wonders for your oral health and self-esteem.

Our Orthodontic Services

Ornella Orthodontics services correct all types of malocclusions including crooked or crowded teeth, over or under bites, or gaps between teeth in patients of all ages. Ornella Orthodontics cares for all members of the community, including patients with specialized care needs. Dr. O also participates in Everybody Counts, a disability awareness program in elementary schools throughout the city.

About Ornella Orthodontics

Why Should I See an Orthodontist in Cincinnati, OH?

Dentistry focuses on maintenance, prevention and treating common dental concerns such as toothaches, infections, fractures, and tooth loss. Orthodontics deals with correcting crooked teeth or other types of misalignment.

Why Choose Ornella Orthodontics?

Ornella Orthodontics is a patient-centered practice that has been serving the community since 1984.

Our Promise to You

Orthodontics means more to us than “straight teeth and a winning smile.” We value the opportunity you give us to excel in the delivery of orthodontic treatment and care. Our treatment goal has always been to achieve the optimal esthetic and functional result using maximum efficiency for a fair and reasonable cost. We want everyone to know that the amount of trust you have placed in us will never be taken for granted. We consistently strive to remain deserving of both your faith and support.

It is important that we convey to our patients as well as their families and friends a feeling of belonging and unconditional acceptance. In our practice, each individual’s needs and concerns are respected and every person is very important.

We feel privileged to become a part of your total health care.

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