Natural Cures for Teeth Grinding

Natural Cures for Teeth Grinding

Jul 31, 2018

Many individuals suffer from the pain that goes with teeth grinding. Teeth grinding is typically caused by stress and other dental issues such as TMJ disorder. Our dental team at Ornella Orthodontics is always looking for natural ways to improve our patients’ dental health. Continue reading to learn five natural cures for teeth grinding.

Our team provides a wide range of treatments with the goal of keeping your mouth and smile healthy. The number one suggestion to improve bruxism is to wear a dental night guard. Relaxed muscles can make a massive difference. If you or a family member suffer from teeth grinding, then the suggestions below will help you.

  • Relaxation techniques. Learning different relaxation techniques will help to deal with daily stressors that are often held in our jaw and teeth. Different massages can help to relax the jaw.
  • Exercise. Even short intervals of activities such as yoga can help individuals to feel relaxed and at peace while loosening up their muscles.
  • Warm compresses. Heating the area around the jaw can help to relax the muscles. You can easily soak a cloth in hot water and hold it to your jaw for a period of time.
  • Essential oils. There are so many different essential oils that have an endless amount of benefits for them. Many have found lavender oil to be a relaxing and soothing scent. Massaging these oils around your jaw will help to promote relaxed muscles.
  • Take a bath before bed. Sinking into a warm bath before bed is one of the best ways to de-stress after a long day. It helps to relax your jaw for a good night of rest.

For more information regarding different treatment methods for teeth grinding, contact our dental office today.