Early Orthodontic Treatment for Children in Cincinnati, OH

A great thing about wearing braces as a child is that during this time, it is possible to work with the growing process to make corrections or prevent a bad bite. Early treatment takes advantage of children’s and teenager’s natural growth and development to make space for permanent teeth, and it frequently helps to improve facial profiles. Evaluation for early treatment for kids should begin when children are 5 to 9 years old. There is no charge for these visits until the child actually enters into active treatment. This early phase of treatment from our Cincinnati, OH office is usually followed by braces to straighten the teeth to perfect the way the teeth fit together for the long-term health of the teeth. Early orthodontic treatment makes this transition easier.

  • A Rapid Palatal Expander helps widen the upper jaw so that the bottom and upper teeth will fit together correctly. This makes space for the permanent teeth, broadens the smile and corrects cross-bites.
  • A Herbst is removable and is often used before or in conjunction with braces to encourage the forward growth of the lower jaw to correct an overbite and decrease crowding of lower teeth.
Early Treatment

Common conditions that require a palatal expander:

  • Crossbite: When the upper jaw is much narrower than the lower jaw, the top teeth in the back will not align correctly with the bottom teeth.
  • Crowding: Widening the jaw can eliminate the need to extract teeth when crowding is an issue.
  • Impaction: When a tooth is blocked and cannot erupt properly, it can be helpful to widen the upper jaw to allow it to come into position.

Palatal expanders can also help improve breathing, limit the number of teeth extractions, and shorten orthodontic treatment time.

How Expanders Work

A custom-made palatal expander is crafted for each patient. It is placed over several upper back teeth. It consists of two halves connected by a screw. An expander works by turning the screw with a key every day. This creates a small amount of tension causing the two palatal bones to move apart gradually. Once the desired width is achieved, the expander will remain in place for several months to allow for new bone to develop in the space.

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