Tips for Cleaning Your Aligners

Tips for Cleaning Your Aligners

Feb 26, 2019

You started with aligners and now worry what you worried about your look. Now you become more conscious while talking with others. You feel like distant with people and sometimes you face a problem like bad breath. This affects your social life and now your self-esteem also down. Following you find a few tips for cleaning your aligners.

Brush and Floss Before You Wear Them: It is very important to clean your teeth. There are chances that some of the food particle left in between your teeth. If they would not clean then it creates a problem like bad breath, gum problem and so on.

Rinse Well with Cold Water After Removal: After you remove them to put them in cold water and clean properly because plaque and some other bacteria would be there. They need to rinse well to remove those bacteria and other things.
Never Rinse with Hot Water: It is advisable that you should not clean them with hot water. Aligners made of plastic and plastic can be damaged to hot water.

Use Antibacterial Soap for Cleansing: For cleaning process, you need an antibacterial soap for aligner because some of the bacteria might there and it became very important to clean them.

Soak in White Vinegar: Vinegar works like antibacterial, it kills germs and bacteria. This help to clean your aligner so take 1 portion of vinegar and 3 portions of water and mix them properly. After that soak for 20 min and clean with water.

Brush Gently When Cleansing with Soap: Don’t put all the power while cleaning the teeth. You should brush gentle while cleaning and clean each and every portion of your teeth.

Brush with a Bit of Toothpaste: It would be good if you use toothpaste and clean your teeth. A small portion would work because toothpaste is one of the best product to clean your teeth.

You can use the above tip to clean your aligner. These tips would help you sustain your aligner for a long period of time and makes your teeth healthy. For more information, you can contact Ornella Orthodontics or dentist near you.