Top Reasons to Keep Your Braces Clean

Top Reasons to Keep Your Braces Clean

Mar 26, 2019

Getting braces is an experience most people do not forget. It is almost like going regularly to the gym – you keep putting in efforts for a prolonged period of time and then one fine day, you start seeing the results.

Your San Antonio orthodontist would be able to give you the general guidelines on how to keep your braces clean. The experts at Ornella Orthodontics have prepared this list for you to know why exactly are you supposed to keep your braces clean.

So, here are a few critical reasons why you should keep your braces clean:

Prevent cavities The most important reason, why you should keep your braces clean is that if you do not keep them clean, you may suffer from cavities sooner than you expected. When you wear braces, you do not have the flexibility to brush and floss in the optimal manner. Hence, your teeth are already prone to getting cavities if not taken care of properly.

In addition to that, if you are not adhering to even the basic hygiene practices for your mouth, you will not be able to avoid food debris and may end up with cavities.

Prevent staining Since you wouldn’t be brushing your teeth with utmost flexibility, you will already be running on the risk of staining some parts of your teeth. If you don’t take up extra efforts to clean up your teeth, the braces will only cause additional staining.

Prevent bad breath A common problem faced by people who are currently using braces is experiencing bad breath. Bad breath can cause severe damage to your self-perception and make you less confident in social settings. It makes you conscious every time you come across someone and are about to have a conversation.

The mouth sprays hardly work, if you are using braces. Hence, it only makes sense to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to avoid bad breath.

Clean braces minimize your treatment time One major advantage of maintaining oral health while using braces is that it dramatically reduces the time it takes for your dentist to perform the processes required, the next time you visit her/him. Since your teeth are already clean, the entire process can be expedited.