What You Should Know About Retainers

What You Should Know About Retainers

Aug 10, 2018

After an orthodontic treatment such as traditional braces, many orthodontists encourage the use of a custom-made retainer even after the teeth are properly straightened and aligned. Why is this so common and what types of retainers are best for use? Continue reading on to learn more about retainers and keeping your teeth straight.

Different Types of Retainers

There are several different retainers that focus on different issues. The three basic types of retainers are made of metal and acrylic, clear plastic (that is similar to Invisalign), and permanent retainers that are secured to the back of the row of teeth. There are pros and cons to each retainer. Things to keep in mind are the durability, longevity, ease of cleaning the appliance, and the comfort of wearing each one. Each retainer type will be worn for different periods of time. This also varies from patient to patient.

Why are Retainers Used

A common reason to wear retainers is due to constantly shifting teeth and growing bodies. Each retainer helps to keep the teeth in their proper place despite changing and shifting bones. They are made to last a long time and are durable throughout much. Retainers are also sometimes used to help with proper breathing during sleep. It helps to avoid snoring and keeps the airway unblocked and opened. It may take some time for individuals, especially children, to get in the habit of wearing retainers, but the reward of a beautiful and healthy smile is all worth it.

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